What is Jirno?

About Jirno

How do I contact Jirno?

for more information or to contact management, please send an email to mail@jirno.com

How do you download Jirno?

Jirno is available via iTunes or Google Play

Is Jirno available on web and tablet?

Jirno is currently for mobile devices only. Please stay tuned for further updates.

How do you use Jirno?

From the web browser in your phone, use the share button ( or ) and select Jirno app icon. You may have to select “More” to find the Jirno icon. For Android Users, please ensure that you share articles from either Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

What user profile information does Jirno need?

Jirno does NOT publish your name with your user ratings and whilst we ask for your name in the signup process, this is so your contacts understand who they are receiving an article from. We require your mobile phone number at signup for account verification and access to the user sharing tool. Your ratings and "public" view are completely anonymous. User age, gender and location is required to allow access to the features of the application and part of the Premium Subscription package.

I can’t see my Friends on Jirno

If your friends are not visible, please delete app and reinstall the latest version onto your smartphone. If you friends are still not visible, please let us know via feedback@jirno.com

What is Jirno Premium?

The Premium subscription allows you to dig deeper into the rating information to see differences in ratings based on age, gender and location. The Premium version of Jirno is priced at $3.99 AUD

Does anyone see my ratings in Jirno?

Your ratings and “public” view are completely anonymous. Premium subscribers will only see the aggregated ratings from users that share your age bracket, gender and location.

Why doesn’t Jirno not support some websites?

Jirno supports over 20,000 websites of news publishers globally. Jirno does not support news blogs or discussion websites, or indeed any non-news websites. If you feel that a particular website belonging to a news publisher should be supported, please let us know via email at feedback@jirno.com

Why does it say “I am a Journalist’ - what does that mean?

Jirno is designed to capture ratings from news readers. This feedback can assist journalists in identifying stories that resonate with the community, and also to highlight areas of improvement in the way they are framing their stories. If you are a journalist, please contact us at support@jirno.com for further information.

When I try and share an article it says Jirno has stopped?

Jirno sharing is supported on Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers. This message appears if you are trying to share via a different web browser to these.

My Profile

The My Profile section allows you to update your password, personal details and also to subscribe for Jirno Premium.

Sharing News to Jirno

Sharing News to Jirno is currently available by using the share function on Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

My Articles

My Articles is your Inbox within Jirno. All articles that you share into the app appear here, along with any articles shared by your friends to you. Any articles that you rate from the Newsfeed will also appear here.

News Feed

The news feed is populated with articles that are being rated. They are ranked in order of ratings (i.e. the more ratings an article receives, the higher the position) and the date of publication (i.e. newer news appears in a higher position).


The Jirnoboard shows the top rating News Publishers and News Articles within Jirno. This is basically the quickest way of finding the top news sources and articles within Jirno.


Sharing on Jirno is available through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) and through our own In-App Share platform. By allowing Jirno access to your contacts, you can share or invite contacts from your phone to Jirno.

Still have a question?

Email Jirno at support@jirno.com